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Benchtop or Free Standing Water Coolers


Mari Australia supplies the highest quality water filtration solutions for your home, office or waiting room. We supply two models of water coolers: including a Free Standing and a Bench Top Cooler. Aimex Water has perfected their design to incorporate all needs within two models.

Aimex Water Coolers have three unique features that have helped them become a leading supplier in Australia for over 20 years.

  • 20L Refillable BPA Water Bottle- Instead of calling somebody out to install a new water tank and waiting for its arrival, Aimex has developed a design that allows you to simply top up with tap water as needed.
  • Extensive 8 Stage Water Filter Cartridge- Many Water Coolers leave the purification process as an afterthought; however, our water filter cartridges boast an extensive 8 stages of water purification and mineralisation.
  • 3 Seperate Temperatures on Tap- Hot, Cold or Ambient water at your convenience.

Aimex Water has developed a design that allows for independent maintenance with a refillable BPA FREE 20L Water Tank. Top up as needed with tap water and let gravity feed it through 8 stages of filtration to deliver pure and clean alkaline water.

Aimex Australia, is renowned for their superior filter cartridge, that delivers the highest quality of drinking water. Mari chooses to supply their well-developed design, that boasts an extensive 8 stages of filtration and mineralisation for optimal health.   

Three separate taps allow for all needs; Hot Water ranges between 85-95°c and is hot enough for the use in a tea or instant coffee while the cold water temperature ranges from 5-10°c. With three separate taps and a child safety lock, our Water Cooler Range is useful in any environment: including home, office, gyms or daycare facilities etc.

Water Cooler Range

At Mari Australia, we provide something for everyone.

  1. Bench Top Water Cooler- Our Bench Top design is more compact and best for customers who already have a place for their Water Cooler to sit and may have limited space. Although our Bench Top Water Coolers are smaller, they do not compromise on Design or Functionality as they work in all the same ways as a full sizes Water Cooler.
  1. Free Standing or Floor Standing Water Cooler- Our Free Standing Design has all the same features as the Counter Top model but also boasts a storage cupboard underneath the Dispenser to neatly store all useful items such as cups, mugs, tea etc. If you are short on bench space this is the size for you!