Lunch Box Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Lunch Box

Convenience and reliability are key when it comes to choosing a lunch box. As an everyday essential your Lunch Box will need to tick a few boxes to make the cut!

A Stainless Steel Lunch Box, such as the Mari Multi-Tier Lunch Box is beneficial for many reasons.

Unlike plastic containers, Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes Australia do not hold onto Odours or Bacteria as their finish does not degrade over time. This also makes them more Hygienic, Non-Toxic, and Non-Porous. Unlike glass, a Stainless-Steel Lunch Box is the more practical choice due to its Durability.

An added benefit of our Stainless-Steel Interior and PP Exterior is we can supply Thermal Insulation between layers keeping your food fresher for longer.

Though, the key feature of our bento Lunch Box and what makes it unique is its versatile design. Stacking three Separate Containers means its suitable for an adult size meal but can also be downsized for a child. Take one section for a snack, two for a child’s lunch or all three for a larger portion!

Sling your convenient Insulated Lunch Bag over your shoulder and your meal prep is safe, secure and maintaining its freshness with Mari Australia's innovative design.