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Bench Top Hot and Cold Water Cooler White Colour

Bench Top Hot and Cold Water Cooler White Colour

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Aimex Hot and Cold Benchtop Water Cooler - White

  • Crafted for a Sleek and Elegant Aesthetic, Ideal for Elevating the Ambiance of Any Office or Home.
  • Stylish and Streamlined Design.
  • Equipped with Bimetal Sensor for Overheat Protection.
  • Utilises Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant Gas (R-134a).
  • Features a Virtually Silent, High-Performance Compressor (LG - Made in Korea).
  • Includes a Child-Safe Hot Water Faucet Mechanism
  • No 1 Quality Product


Item Specification:

  • Weight: 12.0 KG
  • Cooling System :
    • Rated Watts: 80 Watts
    • Temperature Control: by Thermostat
    • Tank Capacity: 3.3 Litre
    • Cooling By: Compressor (LG)
    • Heating By: Sheathed Heater
  • Heating System:
    • Rated Watts: 450 Watts
    • Heating By: 450 Watts
    • Temperature Control: By Automatic
    • Tank Capacity: 1.2 Litre
  • Tank Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Faucet: Push with Safety Button on Hot Faucet
  • Power Supply: 220V~240V/60 Hz
  • Dimension Without Tank: 310mm (W) X 335mm (D) X 510mm (H)
  • Made in Korea


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