Water Dispensers Australia

Benchtop Water Purifier

Benchtop Water Purifiers are the best alternative to installing an expensive Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System into your Home or Office.  They can be moved easily, which is great for renters, they are cost-effective and they remove the need for single use water bottles.
While taking up only a fraction of your bench space they provide clean drinking water on tap without the need for ongoing costs in replacement water tanks. Our Water tanks are 100% reusable and BPA Free, simply top up with tap water and let our Water Filter do the rest.

Benchtop Water Dispenser Purifier Range

At Mari Australia we provide something for everyone.

  1. 16L Water Dispenser- Our smaller Bench Top design is more compact and best for customers who may have limited space. Although our Bench Top Water Dispensers are smaller, they do not compromise on Design or Functionality as they can be paired with any of our Replacement Water Filter Cartridges.
  1. 20L Water Dispenser- Our larger Counter Top Design is for those with a little more counter space or who have more bodies to maintain. While both of our Water Dispensers are compatible with any of our Water Filter Cartridges our 20L Dispenser has an extra benefit of featuring a Maifan Stone for added filtration.  

Benefits of using a Mari Australia Water Dispenser

  • Cost Effective- Enough spending your money on overpriced plastic water bottles that pollute our planet.

With Mari Australia’s Water Dispenser Range, you can have Australia’s Cleanest Water on tap which has undergone a highly effective 8 stages of Water Purification!

Mari Australia supplies the most cost effective and efficient Water Purification option for Home or Office. Thanks to its Unique Design our customers do not need to be paying again and again for fresh water to be delivered as our 8 Stage Water Filter is inbuilt and our Water Tank is Refillable for our entire Water Dispenser Range. Simply top up with tap water as needed and let the 8 stages of Filtration take effect. Only needing to replace a filter approximately every 6 Months! 

  • Environmentally Friendly- Owning a Mari Australia Water Dispenser with an inbuilt Filtration System will reduce the impact we have on our environment by not contributing to more landfill while purchasing copious amounts of single-use plastic water bottles. 
  • Health Benefits- Using a Mari Australia Water Filter means you do not have to be drinking from plastic bottles which can leak toxic chemicals into what is supposed to be clean water. Our Water Tank is BPA Free and of the highest quality not to mention the quality of the Water Filtration System which is mentioned below.
  • Advanced Filtration System- Our Water Filter Cartridges come in a range of options from 7 0r 8 Stages of Filtration to Algae Reduction or Fluoride Control. All our Water Filter Cartridges guarantee some of the purest results on the market. See our information on our 8 Stages of Filtration in our Water Filtration Tab. 


Maifan Stone Health Benefits

  • Also known as “bakuhanseki”, the Maifan Stone is a special mineral rock used in Chinese Medicine to treat various skin diseased.

Eg. Skin Tumors and Ulcers.

  • The Maifan Stone contains plenty of micro-nutrient elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium, all essential to a healthy human body.
  • Composed of minerals including but not limited to plagioclase feldspar, orthoclase feldspar, hornblende, and biotit
  • Excellent capacity to absorb healthy metal ions
  • Helps to Balance Ph, Anti-Inflammatory, Relieve Pain and Detoxification.




Finding a Water Purifier in Australia

Finding a quality water purifier in Australia can prove difficult at times. Many people are used to purchasing water dispensers where they can order new bottles of water as needed or have them regularly delivered. A benchtop water purifier however doesn’t require this – it can simply be filled up from the tap. But with this comes the need to find a long lasting, quality purifier that does its job...

The benchtop water purifiers from Mari are available in various sizes and offer a range of water filters, giving you the opportunity to choose a water purifier in Australia that meets your needs and your budget.

Because our purifiers can simply be filled from your tap, they are more environmentally friendly than the more traditional cooler that requires bottled water to be delivered to you regularly.

Purifiers often come with a list of benefits and it is wise to know the difference between a basic cooler and a purifier before you purchase.

Difference Between a Water Cooler and a Water Purifier

The main difference between the two systems is that a basic water cooler simply cools the water giving you cooled drinking water. These systems sometimes provide hot water as well. A water purifier on the other hand not only cools your water, but also purifies it, removing a large percentage of the nasties that can be found in tap water.

A good purifier eliminates smells and unpleasant tastes, removes any additives and leaves the healthy naturally occurring minerals that you want in your water.

Choosing Your Water Cooler Dispenser

When you choose a water cooler dispenser it is important to understand the differences available between systems, whether you are just getting a water cooler or whether you are purchasing a system that purifies the water as well.

At Mari, you have two options to choose from when purchasing a water dispenser. Both systems include an 8 stage water purifying system which removes items such as rust, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, unpleasant smells and odours from your water. They both also work to bring the Ph levels of your tap water closer to that of the human body.

Where there differ is in the activated level of the purifier. One includes an activated carbon level which works to remove additional chlorine and organic sediment, while the other includes and activated alumina level which works to remove up to 95% fluoride from your tap water.

It is a good idea to consider your health goals and what’s important to you.

Buying Water Purifiers in Australia

Looking for the best water purifier in Australia for your home or office? Nothing beats a benchtop water purifier that is easy to clean, easy to refill and takes up minimal space. Mari has a collection of water purifiers that can be used in the home or office, while the water filter jugs can be used almost anywhere.

Find yourself drinking healthier with a water purifier system.