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Aimex 8-Stage Filtered Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (Black & White)

Aimex 8-Stage Filtered Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (Black & White)

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Aimex Black and White Free Standing Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Elevate Your Hydration: Aimex Hot & Cold Water Cooler

Enjoy instant hot or cold water at your fingertips with the Aimex Hot & Cold Water Cooler. This sleek and modern appliance is perfect for homes and offices, offering convenient access to perfectly chilled or piping hot water for tea, coffee, and more.

Features & Benefits:

  • LED Display & Backlit Buttons: Easily monitor temperature and settings.
  • Compact Filtration System: Ensures clean and pure water.
  • Child Safety Lock: Added peace of mind for families.
  • Reliable LG Compressor: Delivers consistently hot and cold water.
  • Removable Drip Tray: For easy cleaning and maintenance.

Luxury & Versatility 

Our luxurious water cooler collection offers stylish designs and premium materials. Choose from countertop or freestanding models, with optional filtration systems and compatible with various water sources.

  • Blends seamlessly with modern decor: Its sleek, elegant design complements any home or office environment.
  • Stylish and compact: Enhances your space without taking up too much room.
  • Safe and reliable: Built-in overheat protection ensures peace of mind.
  • Eco-conscious choice: Utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerant gas (R-134a).
  • Quiet and efficient: High-performance LG compressor (Made in Korea) provides near-silent operation.
  • Family-friendly: Features a child-safe hot water faucet for added safety.
  • Top-quality you can trust: Built to deliver lasting performance.

  • Weight: 18.0 KG
  • Cooling System:
    • Rated Watts: 80 Watts
    • Temperature Control: by Thermostat
    • Tank Capacity: 3.3 Litre
    • Cooling By: Compressor (LG)
  • Heating System:
    • Rated Watts: 450 Watts
    • Temperature Control: By Automatic
    • Tank Capacity: 2 Litre
    • Heating By: Sheathed Heater
  • Faucet: Push with Safety Button on Hot Faucet
  • Power Supply: 220V~240V/60 Hz
  • Dimension Without Tank: 310mm (W) X 340mm (D) X 980mm (H)
  • Made in Korea

In the Box

  • Water Cooler 
  • Water Dispenser
  • 1 x 8 Stage Filter

Filter Bottle Specification:

  • This product boasts a silver feature, utilising high-capacity activated carbon for superior purification and sterilization.
  • It proficiently eliminates residual chlorine, bleach, pesticides, and other contaminants from water.
  • Additionally, the silver ions within the filter gradually release, offering long-lasting antibacterial protection to inhibit bacterial growth in the water.
  • The silver ions also play a pivotal role in safeguarding the activated carbon itself from microbial contamination.
  • Designed with a user-friendly structure, this product features a readily detachable soft core and carbon core. This design facilitates easy cleaning, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the filter.
  • The float valve is crafted from 100% food-grade PP and high-temperature-resistant silicone rubber, minimizing the risk of leaks even when exposed to high temperatures from water dispensers.
  • Simplified cleaning process for user convenience.



  • Too much iron rust, dust and mineral will shorten the useful time of the filter and slow down the purifying process.
  • The product should be placed in the absence of direct sunlight.
  • After two years of use, the quality of the outlet decreased obviously, please change the filter bottle.
  • Please do not overfill the water when the level in the bottom bowl climbs to the warning line.
  • Please empty the bottle when it has been not in use for a week.
  • Please do not allow the children to touch the water purifier to avoid the hurt by the purifier falling from the water dispenser.
  • Please wash the filter and bottle after using it for every 200-300 litre of water.
  • When the bottom bowl's water level is high and the top bowl’s level is low, the filtration process will slow down or stop. This is a quite common and normal condition so no need to worry.
  • The float valve should be washed every month to avoid blockage.


Filtration rate

0.3 L/M

Bottle Volume


Working Pressure


Optimum Temperature Range




The water purifier is composed of a plastic pre-filter and activated carbon. These things will not produce plastic smells. In some cases, the packaging shell and plastic body will emit plastic smells. They'll disappear automatically after a while.

If there is still a plastic smell, it is wise not to drink it immediately. Here are some solutions to getting rid of plastic smells:

1) Don't rush to drink the water released from the newly bought water dispenser.

2) Put cold water for a period and rinse the water outlet.

3) Boil the first water at a high temperature, then let it cool down. This is done to further clean the spout.

4) If you still feel that the water has a smell, it is recommended to pour vinegar into it and soak it for half an hour.

5) If you are worried about the smell, you can soak it for a longer period.

6) The vinegar should be released after soaking, and then the bottled water should be used to wash it according to the previous method until there is no vinegar aroma left behind.

The water purification system features a plastic pre-filter combined with activated carbon, ensuring there's no plastic odour. However, occasionally, the outer packaging and the plastic components might release a faint plastic scent, which naturally dissipates over time.

If a plastic odour persists, it's advisable to avoid consuming the water immediately. Here are steps to eliminate any lingering plastic smells:

 1) Allow some time before using water from a newly acquired dispenser.

2) Fill the dispenser with cold water and flush the outlet thoroughly.

3) Boil the initial batch of water at a high heat, then let it cool. This helps cleanse the spout effectively.

4) If any odour remains, add vinegar to the water and let it soak for about 30 minutes.

5) For more persistent smells, consider extending the soaking time.

6) After soaking, ensure the vinegar is thoroughly rinsed out. Then, use bottled water to wash the dispenser, repeating until all traces of vinegar are gone.


  • The elements present in the water give ita distinct taste. Before filtration, along with taste, tap water may also have some odour. The filtration process removes elements such as chlorine and heavy metals like lead, and thus neutralises the distinct taste created by these elements. 
  • In our water filters, along with filtration, remineralisation also takes place. This is where significant trace minerals are added back, balancing the pH of the water to slightly alkaline, which is better for the body. This adds a slight taste to the filtered water. 
  • Due to the added minerals, our filtered water has almost no taste. However, it does not taste like chlorinated or contaminated water, and that’s how it should be. 
  • Most people love the way their water tastes after filtration, but the taste is an individual preference. While we give you the reassurance that water filtered with Aimex water filters is pure and healthy, and the taste is what most buyers consider as 'tasty', please be aware that as filtration is a defined process, we can't change the taste if you'd like it different.
  • You may feel the difference when you first switch to filtered water and it takes some time to get used to the new taste. Knowing that it is nutritious for your health makes it tastier.

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