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Mari Aimex 8 Stage FLUORIDE REDUCTION Water Filter Replacement Cartridge - 4 Pack

Mari Aimex 8 Stage FLUORIDE REDUCTION Water Filter Replacement Cartridge - 4 Pack

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Australia's very Best Flouride Water Filter System

Save money and the planet- Never buy bottled water again with our range of Benchtop or Free-Standing Water Coolers and Dispensers and other Tap Water Filters. The very best water Filters include an 8 Stage filtration system cartridge which will provide your family with pure drinking water as close to natural as possible.

Aimex supplies quality Fluoride Reduction Control Filter Cartridges that are BPA Free and are compatible with any of our Water Dispensers and Water Coolers, whether they be Benchtop of Free Standing. Enjoy Clean, Pure Drinking Water with our Prestigious Fluoride Control Water Filter Cartridges.

As a halogen, chlorine is a highly efficient disinfectant, and is added to public water supplies to kill disease-causing pathogens. Unfortunately, chlorine can also have an adverse effect on our bodies.

Fluoride is also added to our water supply in order to prevent tooth decay. Although, many have concerns regarding the consumption of fluoride. In order to cater to all drinking water concerned we have developed an 8 stage water filter that contains Activated Alumina which will remove up to 95% of fluoride from tap water.

Our Aimex water dispenser is everything you need to meet the freshwater requirements. Provide your family or colleagues with water as pure and close to natural as possible in an easily accessible compact design.

What makes this purifying water dispenser a preferred choice for Australian households is its 8 Stage Water Purifying System. The AIMEX filter system is designed with eight elements for water purification making it one of the most efficient on the market.

Primary Filter Pad- removes rust, sediment and prevents propagation of bacteria

KDF- Removing chlorine, pesticides, organic matter and heavy metals.

Activated Charcoal- Using an absorption method activated charcoal is one of the most effective materials at removing chlorine, organic sediment and unpleasant smells and odours.

3 Layers of Ceramic Minerals- bringing waters Ph level closer to that of the human body creating slightly alkaline water, providing substantial levels of pure and rich minerals vital for the bodies function, anti-aging benefits, creating great tasting water among other benefits.

Activated Alumina- Removes up to 95% of fluoride

Ceramic Plate- Removes bacteria and parasites.


Filter Specifications:


For your information:

  • Easy installation: Soak Filter in water overnight, wash under warm water (not boiling water) for 10 min until all black discharge comes out from finest quality of charcoal
  • In the event of an extremely slow filtration process, please rinse the filter with warm water (not boiling water)
  • Please soak filter and pads in water overnight, to remove the air in between the particles and material inside.
  • If the filter is turning green, rinse with warm water and take care that the unit does not stand in direct sunlight.
  • If water is flowing over the middle ring, it may be because the activated carbon is blocked. Simply rinse the filter with warm water (not boiling water).

The elements present in water give it a distinct taste. Before filtration, along with taste, tap water may also have some odour. During the filtration process elements like Chlorine and heavy metals like Lead, etc., are all removed out, and hence the distinct taste formed due to these elements is neutralised. 

In our water filters, along with filtration, remineralisation also takes place in which important trace minerals are added back, balancing the pH of the water to slightly alkaline, which is better for the body. This adds slight taste to the filtered water. 

According to us, our filtered water has an almost neutral taste or a very slight taste due to the added minerals, but it definitely does not taste like chlorinated or contaminated water, and that’s how it should be. 

While most people love the way their water tastes on filtration, please note that taste is an individual preference and may vary based on personal choice. While we give you the reassurance that water filtered with Aimex water filters is pure and healthy, and the taste is what majority buyers consider as ‘tasty’, please be advised that as filtration is a defined process there is nothing we can do externally to change the taste if you prefer it otherwise.

It may happen that when you first switch to drinking filtered water, you may feel the difference and it takes some time to adapt to the new taste. Knowing that it is good for your health makes it tastier. 


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