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Bamboo Bed Sheets Sets 100% Organic Pure Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo Bed Sheets Sets 100% Organic Pure Bamboo Fabric

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                   Bamboo Bedsheet Set

         Includes Fitted Sheet – Top Sheet – 2 x Pillow Case Covers

      100% All Natural & Organic Fibres

While famous for being smooth, soft and silky, Bamboo Sheets are so much more than the softest sheets you've ever touched. They are also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating and highly durable. Weaved to make the sheets extra silky, smooth and breathable, and the best part is that they are sustainable. 

Why should you choose Bamboo over Cotton

  • Softer Sheets 
  • More Durable & Longer Lasting 
  • Bamboo plants are self-regenerative 
  • Bamboo plants require no irrigation 
  • NO harmful chemicals or fertilisers are used to grow bamboo
  • Bamboo smells better, is more absorbent and breathable
  • Temperature Regulating 

Bamboo is the most resource-efficient plant on Earth. It uses minimal rainwater, grows organically and without chemicals, and produces little waste. 70% of the bamboo harvested for these sheets is used to create the actual fibre. The other 30% is composted. Furthermore, bamboo requires less land. It also grows and regenerates repeatedly and can release more oxygen back into our atmosphere. 

Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets

Make life easier with these Deep Wall Sheets Sets. Most Mattresses these days have a good size mattress topper making most sheets stretching beyond reasonable capabilities. Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets provides an easy coverage. Bed Making made easy!


Breathable Fibres 

Compared to other materials, such as cotton bed sheets, Bamboo Bedsheets fibres absorb moisture more efficiently to help your body feel pleasantly cool and dry for a comfortable night’s sleep. The perfect Bedsheets for Winter or Bedsheets for Summer.

Guilt-free, eco-friendly and sustainable

It is high time we take good care of our Earth as it is the only one we've got. Bamboo, as we know, is the most resource-efficient plant on Earth. The bamboos are sourced from FSC-certified sustainable forests and made in a non-toxic, closed-loop system that recycles 98% water. Bamboo sheets use 500x less water in the manufacture alone and produce 52% fewer carbon emissions

There are many good things about these bamboo bedsheets with hardly any disadvantages. If you are looking for quality sheets for yourself and your family, you will love these new unique and high-quality sheets.

  • 100% all-natural and organic fibres derived from bamboo plants. It is Eco-friendly, softer, cooler than linen.
  •  50% more absorbent than cotton.
  •  Great for all seasons - no night sweats. 
  •  300 Thread Count Sheets for the ultimate comfort.

Available in various sizes from Single, Double, Queen & King.

Single  Length Width Height
Flat 260 cm 180 cm
Fitted 190 cm 91 cm 40 cm 
Flat Sheet Trim 15 cm
Flat 260 cm 239 cm
Fitted 190 cm 137 cm 40 cm
Flat Sheet Trim  15 cm
Flat 270 cm  250 cm 
Fitted 203 cm 152 cm  40 cm 
Flat Sheet Trim  15 cm
Flat  270 cm  270 cm 
Fitted 203 cm 183 cm 40 cm 
Flat Sheet Trim  15 cm
Super King
Flat  325 cm  295 cm
Fitted 204 cm  204 cm 50 cm
Flat Sheet Trim  20 cm
Pillow Case 
Standard 75 cm  50 cm
King Size 91 cm  51 cm
Technique  Sateen weave 
Material  100% Bamboo
Set 1 x Flat sheet 1 x fitted sheet & 2 Pillow Covers

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