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Mari Aimex 7 Stage Water Filter Replacement Cartridge - 4 Pack

Mari Aimex 7 Stage Water Filter Replacement Cartridge - 4 Pack

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  • Mineral Restoration: Replaces and restores essential trace minerals, gradually releasing them.
  • Filtration: Effectively reduces rust, organic sediment, chlorine, organic matter, bad smells, and taste.
  • Easy Installation: Soak filter in water overnight, then wash under warm water (not boiling) for 10 minutes until the charcoal discharge is clear.
  • Note: For tap water only.
  • Suitable for Aimex Purifiers Only


  • Slow Filtration: Rinse the filter with warm water (not boiling).
  • Soak Filter: Soak filter and pads overnight to remove air.
  • Filter Maintenance: Rinse with warm water if it turns green and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Overflow Issue: Rinse the filter if water flows over the middle ring due to blocked carbon.


  • Height: 180 mm
  • Width: 84 mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Material: BPA Free
  • Water Flow: 0.3L/min
  • Temperature Range: 5°C-35°C
  • Working Pressure: Normal


  • Activated Carbon: Absorbs chlorine, organic chemicals, unpleasant odours, and taste, purifying tap water.
  • Bio Ceramic Infrared Balls: Adjust water to a mild alkaline level and energise water molecules.
  • Enhanced Taste: Extra activated carbon layer improves taste.
  • Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly: Reduces expenses and environmental footprint.
  • Healthy Alkaline Water: Suitable for home and office.
  • Compact Design: Takes up little space in the kitchen or office.
  • Effective Filtration: Effectively reduces most chlorine from tap water.


  • Weekly Cleaning: Clean water bowls weekly to prevent algae growth.
  • Monthly Rinsing: Rinse filter system with warm water (not boiling).
  • Filter Replacement: Replace every 6 months or after 5000L usage.
  • Avoid Sunlight: Keep the unit out of direct sunlight.
  • Pre-Use Maintenance: Soak felt pad dome, carbon filter, and mineral stones for 30 minutes before use.
  • Post-Use Cleaning: Rinse water bowls weekly and follow manual instructions.


  • Neutral Taste: Filtered water may have a slight taste due to added minerals, which is healthier.
  • Personal Preference: Taste varies by individual; most find it 'tasty.'
  • Health Benefits: Knowing filtered water is good for health enhances its taste.


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