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Water Filters

At Mari Australia, our Water Coolers and Water Dispensers are only half the product. What sets our Coolers apart from the crowed are our efficient and effective 8 Stage Water Filter Cartridges. Replacement Water Filters can be found on our website under the ‘Replacement Filter Cartridges’ tab and need to be replaced every 6 months.

Our Water Filter Cartridges conveniently fit all our Water Coolers and Water Dispensers even though they come with a variety of features.

Our Water Filter Cartridges have 8 Stages of Filtration but some focus on algae reduction while others focus on fluoride reduction.   

The human body is made up of mostly water.  Safe Drinking Water is a necessity to our existence and always has been. Although, instead of drinking it at its purest form gifted to us by mother nature we now are lucky enough to have it on tap in each of our homes. But this does come at a price. 

In Australia before our drinking water reaches our taps, our tap water is treated with many chemicals including chlorine and fluoride to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. It also contains other undesirable contaminants like toxic metal salts, hormones, and pesticides, and it often can become contaminated by chemicals or microbes within our corroding pipes (e.g. lead, bacteria, protozoa).

Mari Australia has taken this into consideration and much, much more when providing a suitable Water Filter Cartridge to be used with our Water Dispensers and Water Coolers for all Australians

Each layer of Purification plays an important role and when choosing the correct Water Filter Cartridge for your home please be aware that Mari Australia has considered Australian Water Specifically! 

Our Water Filter Cartridge often comes in a pack when purchased with us, so you always have a Replacement Water Filter Cartridge on hand. Replacement Water Filter Cartridges must be routinely replaced in order to provide healthy, pure drinking water. 

MARI Australia presents an impressive 8 Stage Water Filter Cartridge. Its multiple layers create an effective result in purifying water, while also adding minerals through three layers of mineral balls resulting in clean, great tasting, odour free and slightly alkaline water.

Its 8 stages of Water Filtration include;

Primary Filter Pad- the cartridge removes rust, sediment and prevents propagation of bacteria

KDF- Removing chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, and heavy metals

Activated Charcoal- Using an absorption method activated charcoal is one of the most effective materials at removing chlorine, organic sediment and unpleasant smells and odours.

3 Layers of Ceramic Minerals- bringing waters Ph level closer to that of the human body creating slightly alkaline water, providing substantial levels of pure and rich minerals vital for the bodies function, anti-aging benefits, creating great tasting water among other benefits.

Activated Carbon- This extra layer is why our filter can boast one of the most efficient on the market as any chlorine and organic sediment missed can be absorbed here in this extra layer.

Ceramic Plate- Removes bacteria and parasites. 

Rest assured with our Water Filters the health of your friends and family will be safe to consume as much water as their bodies need.