Our Story

Mari is the third child, from a small family that is officially on the hunt to create a more convenient livable home and lifestyle.

Mari’s team deliver the highest quality hand-picked products at a great price point that are convenient, useful and effective.

No messing around, just great, useful, quality products.

All while maintaining the very best possible customer experience of coarse.

Here's their story...

Like everyone, we were pretty aware of the pollutants we are exposed to daily. Like most, we were too busy to think about it too much and we didn’t make the time to address it.  

Plus we weren’t worried, as we had youth on our side!

It wasn’t until we had children that our lives got flipped upside down and our perspective on everything did a 180. We realized just how far from natural we are actually living every day, and just how far do we want our children to be from what Mother Nature intended?

That’s when we decided to start the hunt for products that would bring us closer to natural but still relevant in our busy lifestyle.

We wanted a conscience existence that was convenient and that’s what Mari is here to provide you with.

Whenever I am frantically trying to fill my child’s school water bottle before rushing out of the door, I can rest easy because I use a quality water filter in a convenient dispenser that reduces if not removes any heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides to name a few!

From there we have dived into the rabbit hole of sourcing, producing and importing products that will help provide this type of lifestyle for others as well as our small family- and hence 'Mari Australia' was formed. 

Why Mari Australia? 

We know the importance of the quality of every product you and your family are going to use. All our products are energy efficient and go through strict quality analysis before reaching your homes. We back this with reliable personalised service. We will be here for you through the buying process and even after that for all the support you may need. Always striving for customer satisfaction, we'll make all your transactions with us smooth and hassle-free.