Mari Diamondbrite Car Wash and Wax Kit

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Mari Diamondbrite Car Wash and Wax Kit 

Everything a car or boat lover needs to look after their pride and joy! Great as a Fathers Day gift or for anyone who wants the best in Car Care Products. 7 Car Car Products in one clever bundle.


  1. 1 X Xpress Wash and Wax 500 ml
  2. 1 X 250 ml Max Foam Shampoo – Advanced Shine Protection
  3. 1 X Ceramic Detailing Glaze – 500ml
  4. 1 X Ruby Red Wheel Cleaner – Steel & Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml
  5. 1 X Rinse and Shine 500ml
  6. 1X Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner (ready to use) 500ml
  7. 1 X Jumbo Sponge
  8. Free Fabric Bag (Cost $40)
  • Max Foam Shampoo – Advanced Shine Protection is the best car shampoo to get your car clean. Max Foam Shampoo is an advanced high-foaming, concentrated shampoo, it is expertly formulated from natural vegetable oils to be tough on dirt and grime but gentle on surfaces. Safe to use on all exterior surfaces such as paintwork, glass, chrome, rubber, and plastic, Max Foam Shampoo is the best way to keep your car clean.
  • Xpress Wash and Wax is the best way to clean your car, caravan, motorhome, bicycle, or motorcycle without using water. Xpress Wash and Wax allows you to join the waterless wash revolution – this modern alternative to traditional car shampoo and car wax effortlessly cleans your vehicle with no scratches, delivering amazing results while saving precious water and valuable time.
  • Ceramic Detailing Glaze has been developed using the latest nano-ceramic technology to produce a hydrophobic surface and create unparalleled levels of gloss with outstanding durability. Our unique formulation adds an additional layer of ceramic protection for the ultimate shine. Enhances the Diamondbrite Paint Protection.
  • Ruby Red Wheel Cleaner is a powerful and effective alloy wheel and steel wheel cleaner with a kind, non-acidic, pH-neutral, user-friendly formula. It is safe to use on all car wheel types and finishes, such as alloy, steel, painted, chrome or diamond cut, removing brake dust and stubborn deposits with ease.
  • Rinse and Shine is an important car cleaning aid designed to assist the final stages of car washing – ensuring treated vehicles dry with a glossy, streak-free, finish. Following your usual car wash routine, Diamondbrite Rinse and Shine is sprayed onto a vehicle before drying as normal with a microfibre cloth or chamois. Rinse and Shine form an invisible hydrophobic coating repelling water and hastening the drying process.
  • Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner is the best interior cleaner for car seats, carpets, trim, plastics, vinyl, and rubber. Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner is ready to use and easily gets surfaces clean, attacking general dirt, stubborn stains, and sticky grime from accidental spills. This multipurpose cleaner features a unique and effective combination of detergents, it is safe for use on all car seat fabrics and leather.
  • If there is one thing for sure, you cannot clean a car without a sponge and this Diamondbrite Jumbo Sponge fits the bill perfectly.
  • Carry Bag with zipping, button, and handle to keep it clean in your garage or in a boot. Carry anywhere.


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